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Get a start in mobile payments with Origami

All you need is an iPad. With Origami you can send special offers to customers and pull them in, all the time using the best commission rates in the industry. Easy to use and adding value for both business and consumer.

  • Initial Cost ¥0
  • Commission 3.25%

Origami in-store payment service - a smart way to connect via payments.

Origami offers a variety of functions helping you to boost sales via mobile payments. We support your business by helping you inform, attract, and connect with customers from the moment you start accepting Origami. From new user acquisition to growing repeat purchases, we will help you grow sales through every touch point.

  • Inform


    Origami offers free posters, POPs and other promotional goods. Let your customer pay with confidence.

  • Attract


    Origami offers users regular discounts and campaigns. Take advantage of Origami funded campaigns to attract new customers.

  • Connect


    Communicate with customers using the Origami messaging tool. Convert one-time purchases to repeat customers. (Under development)

Expanding in different verticals at approximately 20,000 shops (*).

From Japan’s leading department stores to international fast food chains, lifestyle retail shops to taxi companies, Origami is trusted by partners from various business verticals.Watch sales increase by leveraging smartphone payments and internet retail.

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Accept payments from ALIPAY with ease with Origami

Accommodate inbound customer needs by accepting ALIPAY, used by 450 million people in China.

Alipay Alipay

If you are considering signing up for Origami Pay, contact Origami Corporate Support and learn more. All you need is an iPad and internet. Nothing else.

All that is needed is an iPad and internet. Nothing else.

  • しらせる しらせる

    Use Origami with your existing POS & cash register

    Easy integration with existing POS & cash registers. Accelerate your business without extra cost.

  • よびこむ よびこむ

    iPad、internet connection、app download

    All you need to start with Origami Pay is an iPad and internet connection and the free “Origami for Business” app.

No Extra Costs. No reasons to not accept Origami Pay.

There are no initial costs or monthly fees to use Origami Pay. Your only cost will be commission fees, which are the lowest in the market. To add to this, Origami can also be used to accept Alipay.

  • Origami
  • Alipay
  • Origami Pay

    Commission 3.25%

  • Separate Application

    Commission 3.25%

  • Supported Credit Card

    Supported Credit Card

  • Payment Cycle

    15th closing,
    month-end payment
    Month-end closing,
    15th following month payment

  • Usage Fee

    0 Initial fee
    0 Fixed fee*

* Premium option for posting on “Koubei” available at 10,000 yen per month per shop. (Alipay acceptance necessary)

Start selling now with Origami.

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