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Let’s get started
with smartphone payments.

Let’s get started
with smartphone payments.

Origami Origami Pay is a new form of payment made via smartphone.
Simple and free to set up, we offer the lowest settlement fees in the industry.
A mobile payment solution where every party benefits.

  • Initial Cost¥0
  • Settlement fee up to3.25%

Easy to install.
Connect with your customers.


Smartphone, PC, Tablet.
Simply enter transaction value into your mobile device.

Smartphone, PC, Tablet.Simply enter transaction value into your mobile device.


Just scan and complete.
Sticker QR Pay.

By putting a Sticker QR stand by your cash register, customers can complete payments by easily scanning the QR code with their smartphone app. No need to take out your wallet or give back any change.


Connect with customers,
from the moment they pay.

Origami Pay is the beginning of your relationship with your customers. Reach out to customers after they leave by sending notifications, campaigns and coupons and encourage return visits!

※Additional charges apply for this service.

Our portfolio of partner shops is rapidly expanding.

From Japan’s leading department stores to international fast food chains, lifestyle retail shops to taxi companies, Origami is trusted by partners from various business verticals.Watch sales increase by leveraging smartphone payments and internet retail.


An all-in-one solution for settlements,
from accepting payments to confirming sales.

By using “Origami Business” on your iPad,
handle everything from receiving payments
to confirming sales.


No Extra Costs. No reasons to not accept Origami Pay.

There are no initial costs or monthly fees to use Origami Pay. Your only cost will be commission fees, which are the lowest in the market. To add to this, Origami can also be used to accept Alipay.

Easily set up acceptance of inbound “Alipay” payments.
※ iPads necessary for Alipay acceptance.
※ Please contact Origami corporate support if you are currently considering our service.
Origami Pay Separate Application
Commission up to3.25% Commission up to3.25%
Supported Credit Card
Payment Cycle Month-end closing,
following month payment
Usage Fee 0 Initial fee
0 Fixed fee*
* Premium option for posting on “Koubei” available at 10,000 yen per month per shop. (Alipay acceptance necessary)

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